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Vanem was happy to see that he got through to Best on some level. He was always big on people living up to their strengths rather than frustrate themselves with things they were not suited for. Despite his difficulties with Best, he thought this philosophy could be applied here as well.

He let Best work at his own pace and remained right where he was, content to enjoy the evening and look up at the stars while Best worked. Perhaps this had been for the best. It had been a long while since Vanem had found the time to simply sit and look up at the starry skies and wonder if there were worlds like this one around any of them.

When Best caught his attention, he turned and leaned towards Best’s opening scrawl. While he had hoped for a little more than that in what he was sure had been a lengthy pause, he supposed that not everyone could write fast.

"Well, it is good to start from the beginning," Vanem said with a soft smile. "That is indeed the starting point of any Journey. Do you recall what some of your first thoughts were back then?"

:>Hm!<: Best says thoughtfully, tapping his chin. He has had lots of thoughts, remembering the first one’d be tricky. He started in the desert, so it was safe to assume he thought about that first. :>First thought! There sand! There sun! Then I run off and do battle with wind! Oh! I gotta that write down!<: He curls his cloak over the paper he’s writing on, muttering to himself little wordless chirps and glyphs.

After a long while, with time steadily marching toward dawn, he presents his addition. It’s even more skewed and harder to read, and Best seems to be running out of any ink that’ll stick to the paper.

:>I use both ends! Go faster so you no have to wait! I tell tale of tragic hubris of youth! Let other learn from mistake!<:

Best flops back with a :>W͞͝͏h͟͏̶̵̨e̷͡w̷!̢̀͠<: to let Vanem study the near illegible writing. It’s so late, and Best can’t recall when last he’d stayed up past the initial idea of feeling tired. Usually he’d just drop down where he was as soon as his eyes felt heavy. But work first, then he can sleep forever if he wants! Such is the life of a scholar, he supposes.

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I so confuse! Under sand, it impossible to tell where up! Where down! Where monster!

I wander! There so much sand!


I swim!

Swim! Swim! Swim!


I free!


Hello! What you be!


Oh, maybe thing that poke me? You not so scary as think!

Can help I? I still stuck!


Yay! Thank you!

You would no happen be snake would you?

You long! You slithery! You go ‘ssss’?

That close enough! Hello, snake! I am Best!

I happy to meet you!

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Day I Adventure as Baby! 2!

Hello! I continue tale of adventure from here!

I little disappoint in hole! I expect this go somewhere like hole I got! But it just stop! There only sand all around!

It bit boring! I hope someone find I! Or maybe daughter be in search for help!

I wait just in case!





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1. What’s the first thing your OC thinks about when they wake up in the morning?

((Hm… “I awake!” probably. Because Best has successfully navigated another night’s slumber and come out alive. I don’t think he quite understands what sleep is.))

4. Name one thing that is guaranteed to make your OC laugh.

((Himself. Best finds all of his jokes and ploys endlessly amusing. If you listen closely, in the dead of night or dark of caves and especially when you think you’re alone, you can hear him kekekeing under his breath for seemingly no reason at all.))

6. How does your OC kill time?

((answered here))

12. Does your OC take time to self-reflect at all?

((Yes, though it’s usually at the most inappropriate times, and any epiphanies he might have are either poorly expressed or forgotten.))

18. Which of your OC’s 5 senses are strongest?

((His sense of dramatics. But srsly, probably his sense of sight. Not because he has eagle vision or anything, but because everything else is so bad, the bar’s set low. He really likes his newfound sense of taste, though.))

28. Is your OC a trouble-maker, or a peace-keeper?

((Best tries to be the latter, but far more often ends up as the former. He’s instinctively a trouble-maker.))

37. When your OC is feeling down, what/who keeps them going?

((Friend! Or himself more often, but I already used that. I suspect someone’s an egotist. He’s very intent on self-improvement so he’ll be a good companion and the best Best he can be.))

39. Does your OC look down at the ground while they’re walking, or do they look forward?

((Best looks forward. He still crashes full-tilt into things, though, because seeing an obstacle and actually avoiding it are two very different skill sets.))

40. Does your OC like hugs?

((answered here))

42. Would your OC ever prank anyone? Who?

((Anyone and everyone. Best is a menace. Would he do so successfully, however….))

50. Share a head-canon you have for one of your OC’s.

((To continue from my earlier head-canon about Best, who’s pretty basic aside from that particular weirdness (tho given time I could probably come up with something I’ve not yet mentioned), and to more expand on how I view the RP Journey-verse, it’s all post-game stuff. Like, Best did his half-assed journey through the game proper, then returned to the beginning. Then he did a lot of other stuff once he’d lvled up, then suddenly he made a Tumblr everyone’s everywhere! How did he miss all these people? 

So basically, given that Journey is one of those beautiful void type settings, the RP ‘verse is possibly long after the game, when people of all different evolutionary paths began repopulating the world, which itself began to recover from the damages wrought. Which means Best is super, super, super old despite that he writes like a 14 year old girl and has the emotional maturity of a tomato. He didn’t get much personal growth done in the glitch world.

It doesn’t so neatly explain the different ancestor/war interpretations like a multiverse, but since Best isn’t dimension-hopping but still meeting peeps, it works well enough for establishing timelines. I personally put all my OCs in the same world with the same rules that mostly revolves around the world established on my theweightofhistory alt and the rules established on this one to make it tidier. My cult alt contributes like .01% to the world-building.))

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Day I Adventure as Baby!

It hard to draw adventures with tiny cloak! But I try!


Now I baby again, I should find safe place! Everything look strange (both because of how draw, and sudden smallness)!


Like what this even! Someone be out here digging? They make sad sand castles? Leave everywhere? Maybe they be in search for something!

Do that sound like something friend do, daughter?

I no know either! Maybe! Let us investigate further!


Look! What this! It big hole! (It suppose to be hole in picture, I assure you!) It is eating all the sand! It shimmer-shivers into dark gullet of earth!

Should investigate?

I think yes!


N̵̷̨͘o̶̵̡̡! I no think this through!

Daughter! Save self — oh, you already do so! Good job!



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((10, 30 & 40 :D))

10.  Can your OC whistle?

((He could certainly try, but he’d fail. Despite that he can chirp, Best is missing some important pieces to be able to properly whistle, like a true mouth, or lungs.))

30. Does your OC have any unusual talents or abilities?

((Best is super hardy. He, like theweight since they’re the same general concept, can survive a lot of stuff that’d kill people-shaped people. Like emptying himself of his innards, dropping his ‘heart’ (for a short while), crashing into things, or a lack of air or sustenance.))

40. Does your OC like hugs?

((Yes, though he’s a better hug-ee than hug-er due to his floppy, weak cloak-grip.))

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thunder-the-bookwyrm said: (( That’s a really, really interesting headcanon—I always figured the “friend” he keeps looking for must be Nick the NPC, but the idea that he’s kind of a tiny little game glitch unto himself makes a scarily large amount of sense! LOL ))

((Friend is p. definitely Nick, despite that I’ve only touched on that in an RP at this point. I was waffling for a bit there on who Friend should be (if anyone or himself), but that’s the easiest option and I do like easy, which is how the whole glitch thing started, sos to handwave stuff I didn’t want to make up. Though it just grew out of control as things with my OCs are wont to do.))

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A greycloak runs at your muse with a wide grin, casting magic over them. Poof! Your muse is now a baby for a week!

Look, daughter! It stranger who ask after you! Or person like them! I no sure how they work! But be nice!

Hello, grey cloak! You seem happy!

Oh! You come to meet I? What can do for you?

WHAT! I baby?

No, I no should have expect that, daughter! I no care if there precedent! But what I do now! I in middle of desert! This no place for baby without supervision!

Though I guess it step up from underground!

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6. How does your OC kill time?

((Best is kind of aimless despite whatever he says he has to do, so has a lot of time to kill. He just does whatever comes to mind to entertain himself, however destructive or pointless it might be. But, for good or ill, he’s always doing something, unless he’s sleeping. He enjoys reading, playing with dolls and his children, telling stories, getting into mischief, and exploring the world.))

50. Share a head-canon you have for one of your OC’s.

((Best is from earlier incarnations of Journey, which is probably the strangest head-canon for him. I’ve had him reference a few things that didn’t make the cut for the final game, and when he went into the glitch world, then came back, he broke the game for himself transitioning from pre-release to final game. Now certain things don’t work for him or work strangely, like the ancestors not appearing, his long, long scarf (which, I found out recently, is actually possible if you somethingsomething the save files, so technically is canon compliant?), white cloak, and other such oddities outside of his personality. This also plays into how he managed to spend p. much his entire life completely alone, tho I have another #50 so I’ll expand on it there because it’s more general head-canon-y.))

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