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Vanem kept taking wary glances behind him so as not to be surprised by Best following him in despite requesting he stayed outside. When he did not see Best, it was at first a welcome change, but now he worried as to just what Best was up to.

He gathered the needed supplies quickly, not bothering to arrange anything neatly (unusual for him) and simply carried them as a single armload of parchments and a proper pen. He hastily picked up Best’s documents as well as he headed out.

He was surprised to find Best right where Vanem had left him, even more surprised still to see he had dozed off.

Vanem was tempted. Very tempted. Just back up inside and close the door, then go on to bed.

He sighed. The more likely scenario was that Best would wake up and pound on his door again. At least this way he got to keep the damage to a minimum if they stayed outside.

He arranged a light inside to shine closer to a window before heading back outside and closing the door behind him. He said down next to Best and waited to see if he would wake up.

Best rolls over, flinging his cloak over his face. :>Nugh! It no day, go away sun!<: he mumbles around chirps. He resumes sleeping for a breath longer, then sits up and looks around in confusion. :>Oh, wait! I awake, no go to slee— Hello!<: He continues, interrupting himself when he spots Vanem.

:>Thank you for light! I no been sleep at all tonight, so probably sleep whole night through if not there!<: he says as he stands and stretches out, doing a wiggly dance to get back to full alertness. That would have been horrible if he’d missed out on his own work, after going through all this trouble.

:>That for I?<: he asks finally, settling down. Despite his initial confusion, he’s already completely awake and ready to get back to work.

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His scarf was right there, wrapped about the window. Aand Best had told him to pull it.

Chirp widened an eye. Pull it off per-se… or eat away a decent amount before fleeing and leaving him be. Chirps eyes narrowed into a smiley, devious expression. But a small tug at his cloak and a series of almost scolding peeps interrupted his thoughts. While best worked to secure the scarf about the beam Sandsong scolded Chirp about his ill-thougjts to her new friend.

Chirp couldn’t upset her. Noone could dissapoint that face!

He patted her before raising a tip of his cloak in a wave of agreement.

He stepped up to the window, song crawling up his back to cling to his head, cheeping quietly as if SHE were the one directing this process.

"Gotcha, and be sure not to trip on those rocks."

Chirp warned and nodded toward the smaller rubble that littered the everywhere.

Completely unaware of what Sandsong was doing, and what Chirp was thinking of doing, Best returns to his designated spot and curls his cloak as tightly as he can around his scarf.  Then Best releases it. :>Yes, I be careful! Thank you for concern!<: He brushes a few of the smaller stuff away, the rocks clattering off to the other parts of the room. It was lucky someone so nice as Chirp had found him, instead of someone scary or dangerous!

:>You still safe, baby?<: he asks, looking around to make sure Sandsong hadn’t returned. When he sees her peeping atop Chirp, he huffs a laugh. :>H̨̛̕á͢h͢͠!͏̷͟͡  Okay, little one, you want give signal to pull? Can count like one! two! three!? Or however want!<:

After suggesting how to give the signal, and assuming Sandsong would give anything more than her peeps, Best tightens his grip on the scarf and crouches down to brace himself on the ground. If this doesn’t kill him, maybe he’ll introduce Sandsong to daughter (with heavy supervision, given daughter’s propensity for violence). Or they can meet at his funeral.

:>Ready when you be!<:

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"Y-Yes, yes! I understand." Xun was feeling a little too pressured by Best’s loud, excited voice. The effect was only temporary though, as Xun went back to being just as confused as before. They were simple instructions, no doubt about that… but they were missing ingredients.

"But there’s no wall, Best." The courier took the time to glance around the area above the cliff face, even turning slowly in a whole circle as they looked confused as much as they looked lost. Xun even slipped a hand out from under their cloak to scratch the back of their hood. "…Only the rock."

The rock in mention was the one Best had used to give the demonstration, for the exact same reason of there being no wall or building at all. 

The hand catches Best off guard, and he cuts himself off before he can even say anything relevant. :>You a person!<: He hadn’t realized before.

Best flutters forward to squint up at the slightly taller wayfarer, as though still not sure.

But that does make sense, doesn’t it? How else can you climb like a person if you aren’t a person-person? He bounces back again and shivers some sand off of himself without really thinking about it. That does explain the weird shape of Xun, though Best was going to be polite and not mention it.

:>Hm! That no work at all, then! No can smush face like need to to tiny rock! Cause gotta smush hard! So hard you get stuck in bit of world!<: Of the many problems with Best’s attempt to explain how to fly, being human was probably one of the least. At least he realizes he needs to adjust his plan, though. Best lapses into thought, staring sort of up and to the left. They could plant some seaweed or something, but that would take forever to grow enough to give a charge.

:>You know of how to fall-fly?<: he asks finally.

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"Uuuuhmmm…" Xun drew out the confused syllable for a good few seconds, tilting their head after watching Best’s riveting… ‘demonstration’. 

With the white cloak several meters away, Xun turned their head to look out over the chasm and the small gap, before- “ah!” Before they found Best standing uncomfortably close. 

And then, after an explanation that made some sense to Xun, they decided to just double-check. “So instead of trying to go as far as I can, you want me to… use a wall to fly as high as possible… and then glide my way over?” Even as Xun said it, it wasn’t making much sense even in their head. How could that possibly…?

Still, at least Best’s invasion of space was giving Xun their scarf charge back. The blue cloak turned to the ledge again with a few pounds of hesitation weighing them down. “Best, are you sure about this?”

(( Nothing at all seems out of the ordinary!~ Maybe the blue isn’t so saturated. I’d also imagine the tuft to be a smidge thicker or higher, but not high enough to touch the mask. But that’s just me imagining/nitpicking like an idiot! It’s perfect enough as it is… Especially since you’re doing this of your own accord, thankyou! ;\; ))

:>Yes!<: Best says, assuming everyone’s energy worked the same way his did and just sort of powered itself. :>I absolute sure! It easiest way! And always work for I! Except when not! Hm!<:

He looks out across the gap. It seems bigger than before. He hadn’t paid any attention to its size when he’d first flew over it. :>I spot, okay! Catch if fall! Give chirp like T̴͢H̴̵̢I̵̶̡̕S̨͝҉̵͜ to help! Should be fine, I think!<: He demonstrates, suddenly upping his volume and screaming a chirp. He’s never spotted anyone before, but is positive it’s easy.

:>No forget, though, gotta run into wall or thing like wall, then go up! That key! Up, up! Then ground pull down, but that okay, use pull! Go diagonal! Understand?<: He repeats, wording it slightly differently as he already forgot exactly what he’d advised before.

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The next thing that happened was something Lethe was not ready for. The white cloak began shouting streams of loud chirps and chimes. The blast of the sound wave was strong in this one! Lethe had to wince whenever a sharp tone hit his eardrums. Despite the ear-piercing pain, Lethe managed somehow to grasp the few words he could only understand.

Arm? Save?? Fe-Female child??

This was harder than he thought.

H-Hole? Rock? No strong? Rock(again)? Danger??

Gah! There was so much confusions! His head was starting to ache from just interpreting what the other was saying. Lethe almost had the impulse to silence the other wayfarer but the expression on Best was enough to refrain him from doing so. There was a sort of anxiety in there. The notion almost took him back the time he was trapped in the snow. The sense of helplessness. And he need help…

“White one, though I may not fully understand what you had said to me but I—I knew…”

Lethe paused for a second, eyes shut, trying to suppress the unpleasant memories before resuming. He then opened his eyes and faced Best.

“Show me.”

Best is completely unaware that his yelling louder solves nothing, and is in fact detrimental. But it gets results! He lets out a sigh, afraid for a moment Lethe was going to decline. The lack of understanding goes both ways, but he looks determined, and that is good enough for Best!

:>It over here!<: Best grabs the other person by the arm and tugs him along. Even though he’s pulling with all his might, cloak ends curled into the fabric of Lethe’s clothes, it’s clear to see why he needs someone strong to help him. Best has all the strength of a flower petal.

:>Here! Here!<: he yells, pointing at a small hole with sand tumbling down.

:>I put scarf on daughter like so to explore!<: he says, throwing his scarf haphazardly at Lethe. :>Lower down! But she drop off! Will no grab back on! She very willful! Do what want without care for worry! And I too big to crawl in after!<:

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If Vanem had any hopes that Best would have simply given up at that point, they were dashed at that moment. Nevertheless, he had achieved the short-range goal of preventing more of a mess in his abode.

"I can fetch more parchment for you," Vanem said in a flat voice as he headed inside. This time he was not going to retreat into the back room to retrieve some fresh. He had learned that one simply did not let Best remain out of sight for any length of time.

He had some parchment in one of his bookcases, slipped in between one end and a book. He always kept some on immediate hand in case inspiration struck about something he had been working on and he did not want to lose the moment. It was not as pristine as the other parchment. Its edges were ruffled and slightly torn, and the writing surface was smaller and uneven. But given what he had already seen of Best’s writing, it likely would not make things any worse.

He tried to pay no mind to the still spilled ink on the floor. He had taken long enough with Best outside that it had likely set. Besides, he did not want to try to clean it up and have Best “help” again.

:>Thank you!<: Best chirps as Vanem goes back inside. He sits down to patiently wait, as he’s very familiar with the outside of Vanem’s house from his many searches and explorations. There’s nothing really to investigate out here, and if Vanem doesn’t want sand in the house, Best certainly can’t go back inside. He shakes off some more sand, as it seems to have stopped working on the ink anyway. He’d have to deal with the stain somehow else.

Best leans back to look at the stars and the far distant mountain. He should ask Vanem what’s up there! He’s never been, but he’s sure Vanem has. It’s right there, so easy enough to investigate (if not for the vile cold that keeps Best away!). Thinking of the cold makes Best appreciate the warmth of the sands, even though the sun has long since set. He wiggles to get more comfortable as he waits for Vanem. It’s been like a minute. What’s taking him so long?

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It could have been weeks. Maybe months even. Searching for clues of his past in this land of non-melting golden snow had sure worn him out. Especially when the temperature here was something Lethe had still yet to adapt.

Maybe it is time I should return to the mountains…

Yes, he should indeed. Getting constantly burn by the blazing heat of the sun wasn’t going to do well for his body. So with that, he got up, donned his mask and hood and began walking towards the direction of the mountains. Soon he caught sight of a figure from a distance, approaching at high speeds. It was a wayfarer apparently. Lethe’s face instantly fell when he noticed the colour of the cloak.

Oh for the love of-

Lethe was going to turn to other direction but it was a bit too late for that. The white cloaked one was already in front of him, flailing around, chirping with gusto that unmistakably sounded distressful.  

Wait.. did it just ask for my arms?!     

When he doesn’t get a response, except for expressions Best has some trouble interpreting, he asks his question louder. Because maybe they don’t speak the same language. :>CAN BORROW ARMS? FOR TO SAVE LITTLE DAUGHTER?<: he yells extra loud, sand rippling away with the accompanying force. The edges of his cloak curl and uncurl like he’s flexing his non-arms. :>SHE FALL IN HOLE UNDER ROCK! I NO GOT STRENGTH TO MOVE ROCK BY SELF! SHE IN GREAT DANGER (MAYBE!)!<:

He slumps forward, trying to catch his breath. Even for Best, yelling that loud’s hard to do consistently. :>What — what say!<: he gasps out, flapping his cloak in the person’s direction. :>Want help?<:

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Vanem stared at all that sand, and all he could think of was back to a sandstorm that had risen unexpectedly when he was away from home and was not there to close the shutters. He had spend the better part of two weeks trying to get all the sand out, and even to the present day he would sometimes withdraw something from a drawer only to have a few grains of sand trickle to the floor.

Also, even those like Vanem have limits to their patience.

He stepped forward and across the threshold, intercepting Best before he could come inside. “I do not believe that the answer to a mess is an even bigger mess,” said Vanem with as much diplomacy as he could manage. “Ah … why don’t we conduct the rest of our discussion out here? It’s a nice, cool night after all.”

He refrained from adding, “and there is little damage you can do out here.”

Best gasps. Sand isn’t messy! It’s nice! It’s fun! He should know, since he lives in a desert and he’s made of sand. :>This no mess! It sand! I sand!<: he exclaims, but then doesn’t bother to explain any further the difference. All evidence suggests there’s not much of one. When he flings his cloak wide to add some emphasis, the sand scatters everywhere. He lets out a nondescript noise of disappointment as it quickly makes its escape.

:>Okay!<: he says finally, releasing all of the sand intentionally now. :>It is nice out! I usually asleep by now, so no really see! It good you was awake so I get to experience! Now where we!<:

He lapses into complete silence and stillness, trying to remember. So much has happened since then! :>Oh! I gotta get paper for to write corrections! Let in so can retrieve?<:

This is oddly reminiscent of when he first arrived here, though Best is sure some progress has been made. Elsewise this entire endeavor would be a ltitle pointless, and that can’t be true.

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:>Daughter! Can hear I? You be okay?<: Best calls down into the hole, his head wedged into the narrow gap between it and a rock. :>You stay where you be! I try get rock off for to save you!<:

He shoves and tugs and digs at the side of the hole, but still can’t get enough passage to get down there himself. It’s too dark to see what’s down there, aside from Daughter, and Best can’t even see her, and she’s not chirping. But she rarely chirps, so he’s not too worried, unless she wanders off on her own.

:>This no working! I no strong enough! No move, I think of something else!<: Best settles in on top of the rock, pondering deeply. :>Hmmm!<:


As he sits there thinking in deep thought, he sees something out of the corner of his eye.

:>À̸͜͡͡h͠҉!̡̀ What that in far away?<: He jumps off the rock to investigate the person he barely sees off in the distance. Best flies and dives to get there faster, and as soon as he’s in yelling distance and fast approaching, says, :>Hello, I am Best! I need — OH! You got arms! Can borrow?<:

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